Coffee Requests

Hi Brooke!
I am a yoga teacher and a coach. I lead public + private classes, retreats and workshops. The personal interaction that these activities provide allow me to create relationships with many students — AND I love that! However, many students will ask me to have coffee (maybe like a request a week), many times I will say yes. Sometimes these coffees are like coaching sessions except I am not getting paid – they often seek advice or want to ‘pick my brain’ on how I got to where I am. I am at the point that I do not wish to add in coffees with people that are not friends or are not paid coaching clients. For someone who is usually good at saying no I am somewhat uncomfortable just saying no, because sometimes I feel like they expect it especially if they have come on a costly retreat, what would I actually say I wonder (this is really not thaaaat big of a deal, I can just get over it). AND part of me wants to say yes to see if they will turn into a coaching client (but let’s be honest, they rarely do) and because I do have fun when I go. How would you suggest navigating the coffee requests?

PS I have been meaning to tell you! I agree with what you are saying people are saying about the podcast live event! I LOVED it!!! you guys killed it!!! I am obsessed!! Okay that is all, love you and all your peeps! xoxox.