Coffee Urges [jna]

Hi Brooke,

I have done a lot of work on eliminating my desire for coffee this year but only have more “awareness” and still need at least two cups of coffee to feel normal (versus three or four before). I realized for the last eight months that I used coffee in the previous four years of my life for too many purposes: to be motivated, to be productive, to feel loved, to feel taken care of, to feel rewarded and acknowledged. I am choosing confusion at the moment because I don’t know how to solve all of these feelings for myself. It’s like relearning how to be human in the world and vulnerable, without these key feelings. I am working on an end of year coffee plan that will lead me to only having coffee on Mondays (which is a day I usually like to default into the most negative thought loops and coffee might level up my thinking on Mondays in a way that will really serve me) for 2019, but the intermediate steps, releasing coffee, make me feel so deprived and broken. How can I be most soothing to myself during this time between now and December?

Thanks so much 🙂