Cognitive Dissonance?

Hi! I’m currently experiencing two thought patterns, one reactionary (old beliefs) and one intentional (new beliefs). I am wanting a new job and am waiting on prospective employers (it’s a long process) for two potential opportunities. They would both be a promotion, and staying in my job might result in reverting back to a former position that is less prominent, due to lack of funds. Therefore, there is a wide range of experiences I could be having in my work future. My reactionary response is to push hard against staying in my current job, and feels desperate and “grabby” at the new positions. This doesn’t feel good, so I am creating a new set of beliefs that focus on acceptance and peace, without losing energy in going after what I really want. It looks like this:
C – I could potential have one of many different positions in a few months.
T – I will be able to do any other those jobs well, and will find job in aspects of all of them.
F – Peace
A – Pursuing my goals in a thoughtful, energized way
R – Happiness
I go back and forth between the two thought patterns. I know because sometimes I’m very anxious (old beliefs) and other times I’m able to feel peaceful (new beliefs), when the circumstances have not changed. My brain wants me to believe that the old, unintentional pattern is “how I really feel”, but I really do feel peaceful when I apply the new thought pattern.
Is this cognitive dissonance? I guess I want reassurance that I’m supposed to be living with these two patterns right now, and that the new one is just as authentic and real as the old. It’s a new experience for me, and one that offers a lot of hope. Thank you for your thoughts!