Cognitive dissonance

Hi Brooke,

I’m trying to understand two concepts I’ve heard you talk about recently that are creating some cognitive dissonance for me – On the podcast about burnout, I believe one of the main messages is that you will create your best work from a place of abundance and when you do this, you will feel energized. On the SCS live call this week, at the very end, you mentioned that we shouldn’t use our thought work as an excuse to not get things done. What does this mean really? To me, if I feel like I’m having negative emotions about getting something done, I should clean out my mind first, so I can produce better results. In my mind, I’m imaging this as doing a thought download before I start a task to see what’s floating around in there and maybe do some models to see where the negative thought(s) will get me for awareness at the very least. And potentially, I could create my intentional model. But, maybe I’m missing the point(s). Won’t my results be subpar if I don’t clean up my negative thoughts first?