Coherent models – help

I would value comments on this progression of models – where they need tweaking

C: Coaly (a horse) walked away from me
T: my attention on him was not to his liking
F: sad (?)
don’t think the rest is same model
A: change my focus from fixing to appreciation for him; go pet “him”
R: I felt better, he didn’t leave

This is like a narrative of what “happened”, my story; facts: he walked away from me; rest story; put him in my model on T and R. Is that valid?

Model #2

C: Coaly walked away from me
T: My attention on him was not to his liking.
F: don’t think sad drove what I did; I can’t think of any actions from sad – I would like help with some actions from sad as I am “drawing a blank”, curious……
F: annoyed
A: go after him, ask “why” of myself; start on my case – you know better. Why are you doing that (focusing on his “ailments” and how I have not done enough, that I have been letting him down, that I am fixated on his troubles and ruminating about what I should do, what I haven’t done, and how bad I am and how bad off he is, and I’m such a bad person……no wonder he walked off, lol
R: I walk away from myself, don’t see my horses, don’t acknowledge myself, am not grateful of me or them, my attention on me is not kind

Is this “R” congruent??

Model #3

C: Coaly walked away from me
T: I am so grateful he can walk so good
F: glad
A: Happy he is around, happy to see him, appreciate what amazing things he has done on his “own”, associate him with gladness, thereby associate barn with positiveness instead of guilt trip and see him more, do more things with him, spend more time with my horses
R: ???

Unclear about my R: , not sure about this model

Thank you for your help in getting my model #3 clear!

I would welcome any comments or different perspectives! Thank you!