Collecting New Data

I love this expression. I decided to keep a list data as I change my habits . It’s very empowering to notice new thoughts around my drinking.I just wanted to share what I noticed yesterday. Being the weekend my drinking plan is basically a bottle or less. So, around 5:00 last night I had a glass at home waiting for my husband to come home from work and then we were to go to dinner. When I finished the glass and the time between finishing the glass and actually getting to the restaurant, I found myself feeling tired and not really craving more wine. It was like hmmm, maybe I need to experiment with this at a later date. I really didn’t think if I started with a glass of wine at home I would make it to the restaurant. My old pattern was to tell my husband that we were going out to eat, have a glass at home and not want to disrupt my drinking and inevitably tell him I wanted to stay home (so I could finish the bottle at home). I just thought it was interesting when I allowed time to pass after one glass, what happened in my mind in terms of desire. But….here is the big question: Why did I still feel the need to continue drinking when I got to the restaurant? All this is so interesting.