Comfort s. Discomfort

Hello Friends,

I have been listening to the podcast since last summer and just finished my very first live coaching call with Brooke. Amazing! I have a question that has been rolling around in my mind for a couple months now: How do I safely walk the line between discomfort that brings results and pushing myself too hard? I want to enjoy and get the most of life but sometimes I overdo it. About 5 years ago I started pushing myself harder in the gym, eating healthier and also being more social (I have always been shy about meeting new people). My confidence grew as I lost weight and made new friends. I volunteered as PTO president. I burned myself out! I slipped into depression and started overeating, gaining 35 lbs in one year. When is it ok to put my feet up and watch Netflix? How do I regulate the desire to Do Everything and the desire to relax in a hot bath? You always say we need to experience discomfort to grow but that concept does have its limitations, right?