Coming back after a binge

Yesterday I had the thought “my boyfriend wont like me if I gain weight because he is very into fitness” and it caused me the feeling of stress which caused a major overeat. Three scoops of ice cream and pizza and wings and fruit salad, things which are normally not on my protocol. This morning I woke up feeling extreme guilt and sadness at now having to relose the weight I surely gained from the binge. I thought about doing a 24 hour fast to “make up” for this and I’ve also thought about doing an extended 48 fast to show myself I don’t “need” food and that I can go without it and be fine. I’ve been doing this for about 20 weeks now and I’m upset with myself that I am going back into my old habits. I know EXACTLY what I am supposed to do, with allowing the feelings, etc, but for some reason I cannot do it. I have watched all the trainings and have gotten coaching yet still I am not able to allow the feelings and I overeat. What can I do?