Coming into money with overspending tendencies

I will be receiving a large sum of money in late January or early February. I am currently working to get a handle on my current spending with my current income. I am afraid I will transfer the problems I am experiencing with overspending to the money I receive.

I’m happy to receive the money and I’m looking forward to paying off the debt I incurred as a result of overspending. I’m just afraid I’m going to repeat the habits. Especially thinking, “I have plenty of money, I can spend some, no problem.” This is the thought I have had frequently over the years, it felt good for a while until “plenty of money” turned into debt.

I feel like my brain is going all or nothing, like I either have to lock up the money somehow and make it really hard to access or it’s gone in a couple years. I have very little self trust here and it’s bothering me.