Commiserating just ain’t working for me :)

Hey there! I don’t have a question so much as I have an observation about my own growth. I am an actress. I have a ton of actor-friends (who have become my family, really) and a pattern we get into has been to talk about how hard the business is or how much it’s changing or how you can’t make a living and so on and so on.

But here is my deal: I AM making a living. And a good one. And I intend to do even better in 2018. I work hard, I am valuable, I do my job and I love it.

But at Christmas dinner with my friends, the conversation inevitably shifted to how HARD it is to live here (Los Angeles) and be an actor. And Brooke, I just don’t believe that anymore. I’m not saying it’s always EASY or that there aren’t certain times that are heartbreaking, but overall, I just won’t subscribe to that belief anymore (any version of the “It’s Hard to be an Actor” refrain). I can’t. I started to talk about the fact that saying “the business is hard” is a actually thought and not a circumstance and it got sort of heated and so I just kept my mouth shut for the rest of dinner.

ANYWAY. I guess I’m realizing that putting the work into thinking new thoughts for the past few months has made a profound change in me and it was noticeable at that dinner. So thank you for that.

Happy New Year, friend!