Commitment to myself–questions using Junk Food Protocol + MHO scheduling

A couple of questions about commitment-ing to myself:

1) Yesterday I had a craving for chips and guacamole, so I put on my protocol for today. Now the time is approaching to eat it and I don’t want it anymore. I know that when you schedule something that fuels you and you would rather eat something that you know would make you feel terrible, you should still honor your commitment to yourself and eat the food you planned. What if it’s the reverse like in this case? You I still honor that protocol and eat the guacamole and chips though I would now rather have a salad. I know I could either look at it like:

1a) eat guacamole and chips –> feel terrible –> learn that eating guacamole and chips feels terrible and better not put in on my protocol next time, or,

1b) eat healthy because honoring my health is what I want to do anyways.
But I guess it makes me question which do I want to honor more, my health or my commitment to myself (even though in general, my overarching commitment to myself IS my health, but THROUGH my commitment to myself).

I would appreciate your thoughts here! 🙂

2) When I schedule free time on my weekends, can I still do a “soft schedule” – for example in the mornings I still want to kind of plan “fun” things I could do if I want so I have a little direction in my day (otherwise I find it too easy to not really do “anything”, even though it would be fun and relaxing once I start doing those things. So I put those things in my calendar as “this is fine to do or not do” type items. But if I put things in my schedule and not follow them is that teaching me to not honour my commitment to myself because I don’t follow the time block?