I am committing to following the Stop Overeating program because I’m ready to be free.

Hi Brooke!

I’m so glad to hear you are okay in your part of Texas.

After months of avoiding and buffering more than ever and gaining weight, I am finally committing to following your guidance exactly. I have been a scholar since April and it seems I needed to do some observation of myself first, as well as indulge in some bullshit “last eats” before I was ready. I had to get really miserable first! I’m finally done and ready to say, I’ve had enough of the food roller coaster and of pizza and of pastries for a lifetime. The thing that became really clear by doing the workbook is that this food thing is exactly what I went through with alcohol. I stopped drinking seven years ago and haven’t touched a drop. I know deep down that alcohol adds nothing good to my life, and I’m finally ready to say flour and sugar are the same.

I worked through the Stop Overeating workbook (which I’m also referring to as the Stop Buffering program) and have designed my protocol. I do have a couple questions as I get started.

1) What weight would you suggest for me? I’m 5’1 1/2′ and am 46. I currently weigh 132- and I am definitely overweight. I saw you tell someone else my size 115# so that’s the number I have in my mind.

2) I have some experience with IF so I’ve made my food protocol and an eating window of 12-6. So two questions about eating in that food window…
a)if it only takes a small amount of food for me to get full, should I still stop when full? Since my nutrients and vitamins are coming
from this, I’m just wanting to make sure I’m not undernourished if I’m just eating half my salad or whatever.
b) I am often not that hungry for my second meal at the end of my food window, but feel I should eat it since I know I will be
extremely hungry later if I don’t. Should I still eat it?

Dammit, I know the answer to both those questions. Stop eating when full! This is how I’ll get fat adapted. Jeez.

Can’t wait to someday say, I can wear a bikini whenever I want to. Not feeling comfortable in a bathing suit has held me back from doing a lot of activities I would have loved to be doing. I’m ready to be free!