Communicate my feelings?

Hi coaches, here’s my model :

C – My husband wants to spend 20% of his vacation time at a retreat, taking that time away from about half of our Christmas vacation. He wants to do this every year.
T – I wish he wanted to spend that time with us.
F – Rejected.
A – Dithering. Pouty. Cried. I very rarely cry. Tense.
R – Less connection. Fewer feelings of love.

I got my head around it though. And remembered that I want to support the things that are important to him. And this is important to him. My question is whether I should talk to him about this? That I will miss him. And it feels distancing when time together is such a precious commodity. On the other hand I want him to enjoy the retreat and not feel conflicted. I am also at least a little bit appreciative of my sad feelings because it comes from a place of valuing our time together. Is it important that he knows how I feel?