The guy I’m dating takes hours to respond to texts sometimes. It is very frustrating to me and when I have brought it up to him, he says “I am putting emotion onto something that does not need emotions, if it’s important I will call, if not he will get to it when he has time”
I am not emotional about it I just don’t like it. Who takes 5 hours to respond to a text?
And what I am supposed to do, just respond when he finally does text? So, he gets his way? and I’m left taking whatever he gives?
And when he does respond, If I don’t respond because I’m upset, then I’m playing games and he will win at that game because I’m the one who cares.

I see all of this above as thoughts that happen often, like several times a week. I don’t like the results at all. I’m upset, he feels pressured, and I feel resentful. I don’t know how to unpack it all. I don’t know if I’m so wrong or if he is…. This feels so deep and true to me. How do I unpack all of this above? All coaching is welcome.