Companion spoke in a harsh tone with antics.

We were having a morning conversation and my companion gave me information regarding a repair at one of his properties where a Food Truck will be hooking up. He said that he will be going to meet with them today. I then asked, “When are you doing that?  I would contact the owner of the Food Truck to meet there, in order to specify what he needs from the electrician.”

My companion’s face became distorted/angry and he then said that he has to call them today and he didn’t know when they were coming. He changed what he said earlier. I have been the one to connect the owner of the Food Truck with him as he is a “busy” attorney. I felt hurt that he would get so elevated regarding the question that I asked. This happens often and I always think it is because he is tired. This however was in the morning. How do I handle this situation? I am trying to Model it but not sure what the circumstance is as I have a lot of results right now. Feel bad, hurt and sad. Thank you for your time and help!