Comparing yourself to others in business…

Hi Brooke –

Although I know its a fruitless practice, somehow I find myself on social media more than I care to admit- especially Instagram – looking at my competitors and thinking truly self defeating thoughts like: they are so much further ahead than I am, or they’re better set up for success than I am because they are younger, or slimmer, or because they have larger followings or because they started before I did. OR I do the comparison game and feel like their projects and business look amazing and they look super busy.

I KNOW this is irrational! I KNOW that on social media, people carefully present the public face and messaging they want other people to see (….aka…who actually posts on their IG feed…”hey my pipeline is a little slow right now so I’m feel anxious all the time….) 🙂 Brooke, I also know that we ALL have our own look, age, personality, message and mission – and therefore we’ll attract our own unique tribe based upon who we are.

And the funniest thing is: I run a successful business that has a private client brand side and an on-line brand side and both sides of the biz are growing and doing well. In fact, if you looked at my feed, you’d think I really have it together and that my business was rocking it!

But what you wouldn’t see is the daily struggle I have with these self defeating feelings. They feel awful. It feels like climbing a mountain with a baby-grand piano strapped to your back. I wonder what I could REALLY achieve without them.

SO Brooke, you wise woman you: am I nut? Is there a model solution I could/should be using here? Or should I just throw my iphone out the window?

Thanks a bunch for your input! Just joined scholars 2 months ago and looking forward to creating with you in the year ahead! xox