Comparisons with others

Hi coaches, I’d have a question for you about comparisons. I am doing “how to enjoy being you” and I am learning that when we do not like the place where we are at we go on comparing with others. Indeed I notice in me and in many other people that we compare ourselves for everything, but we only really care about the comparison in our areas where we feel weak, can it be body image, money, attitude at work, etc… Now I am wondering in order to stop comparing in our weak spots we need to be willing to stop comparing in all other areas, but is this really realistic and doable?
Also, when we learn a new skill, or we are in a field where there are people that have more competences (It is a thought but I think we can consider this as a C, like if I get hired in a new kitchen of course the chef has more competences than me) than us and we want to build up our own, then it seems to me that comparison is not only unavoidable but also the very same thing that make us want to seek growth and learning. So I cannot quite see this clearly, are there healthy and unhealthy way of comparing ourselves to other? And is it really possible to only keep the healthy ones without having the unhealthy ones just following and firing back just because we are reinforcing the comparison habit? Thanks