Compassion 2

Thank you so much for your help!
So yesterday I had my coaching call with Desi and we worked on it.
And now I know I can reward myself each time I catch myself no matter how late it is, no matter how long it takes me, no matter if I compounded my neg T, no matter if I beat myself up just after having the first negative T.
So it’s so relieving!
So now I have a compassionate sentence for my negative T (I had it already but I didn’t use it when I just compounded ).

My thought is: “Of course you have this T, your brain is so used to it, it might take time to let it go, you are lovable anyway and it’s okay to be just where you are. You are where you are meant to be, you are catching yourself and this is a little piece of more awareness, good job love.”
And I had an idea I had: I wanted to do a “compassion jar” just like the urge jar but I didn’t dare because it doesn’t exist and I had thought to put a bead each time I was catching myself before compounding my negative T but Desi told me to be compassionate even if I compounded. And it blew my mind !!!

Yes, I can be compassionate anyway of course! It reminded me that everybody deserves compassion no matter what they did, if they are in trouble because something went terribly wrong or because they are mistaken.
So I deserve to give myself compassion that I compounded my negative T or not and I can reward myself with a beautiful bead in my “compassion jar” each time I am compassionate with myself no matter if it’s right nowf, or I thought the negative T or one hour later: in both cases I catch myself so I am more aware so I can congratulate myself: good girl! Good job!
Thank you