Compassion, grace and love

I’m at the end of my UM, and I’m questioning my T. Here I am:
What if we deserve love, compassion, grace, and kindness just because we suffer? We are human beings, and that’s the human experience to experience pain half of the time?
What if we all deserve kindness, compassion, and love regardless of what we do/don’t do? Because we are suffering half of the time (because of our Thoughts)?
My UT was ” kindness, love and compassion are earned”(!!!).
Now I start to really wonder if we are not deserving of those no matter what just because we are, just because we create our suffering so there’s no such thing as deserving love or compassion or kindness. Even people when they do things because they “didn’t make any effort to do it right” doesn’t mean anything. Maybe we all do our best at each second, just sometimes our best is not so great but we still deserve love and compassion always at each moment. It doesn’t mean we don’t have to try to achieve anything but maybe just that we do succeed or not, that we try to accomplish something or not, we deserve compassion and love. But if it’s true then it means we don’t have to judge anybody for anything… and then I’m confused again!
Can you help me with some clarity, please?
Do we deserve compassion and love just because we are, just because being alive and having emotions and even just sensations justify the fact that we deserve those? Even when we do terrible things like hurting people just because we gain something from doing it? So it means that even our perpetrators deserve love ????? For example, when people abused me younger (rape)?
Help, please! I’m quite lost now, not knowing what I’m thinking anymore.