Compelling reason

I have an “impossible” goal to reach my target weight of 160 lbs (which is a weight loss of 50 lbs from where I am today) and be fit, healthy, flexible and strong. Thanks to the March HW, I’m on my way to believing it and making it happen.

One of my contradicting thoughts (conflicting sentences) that I’m coming up with is “Why?”. Why do I need to achieve this goal? And I realize (which you also state in your podcasts and coaching calls) that I’m not necessarily going to be happier when I get there and that I can be happy today as I am. I agree with this – after all, I’m coaching myself to experience and allow every feeling, and when I reach the goal, I will still have (different) feelings and negative emotions based on the thoughts that I think. So life will not necessarily be “better” when I get there, which is ok.

I have decided that my compelling reason is to maximize my experience of life by teaching myself to think different thoughts, feel different feelings and take different actions to achieve the result. And that the specific result itself does not matter as much as experiencing that I can decide on a goal and achieve it by managing my mind – and that this is the real objective. And that by setting this this extraordinary goal (it is for me), I’m deciding on the training regimen for my mind.

My first question is – What does this compelling reason sound like? Is it too abstract and should I narrow it down to make it more specific to the actual goal?

I’m still not 100% there in internalizing the above rationale, but I’m getting there.

My second question is – I then start to think about why I should not be going after two or three goals at the same time. If I want to become a different person in one aspect of my life, why should I not set multiple goals in different areas and pursue them simultaneously. I know that you teach that focusing on one area is going to constrain me and allow me to take massive action to get what I want. But I also feel that I’m losing time because I can be working on multiple areas at once. If I take six months to achieve this goal, I would have “wasted” six months by not working towards other goals that I care about. I intellectually understand why I should focus on one goal, but I am not there yet.