Compelling reason

Hi Brooke,
I’m revisiting my compelling reason for weight loss. I have about 25 lbs to lose. One compelling reason I’ve looked at is wanting to have freedom around food. I really do want that, but for some reason it doesn’t always inspire me as much as the more “superficial” reason of wanting to look amazing in my clothes (and out of them!). And I know it’s fine to have something like that as a reason, but what I’ve been thinking about it that maybe the compelling reason of wanting my body to look good is really based on me wanting OTHER people to think I look good. I want to be thin for me but also because I want others to think I’m gorgeous. What do I do with this? I’ve done some models on my thoughts/feelings about other people thinking I’m attractive and made intentional models about generating confidence from within but none of it really rings true. Thanks for your insight!