Compelling Reason Clarification

Hi Brooke,

Over the past few days on a couple of the coaching calls you noted that the women who were seeking coaching didn’t have enough of a compelling reason to make the change the wanted to make. Hearing that made me consider if I am thinking about my compelling reason the right way or if I need to dig into it some more. Here’s the scenario:

I recently left my job because the position was relocated to another state and I didn’t want to move. The change in the role’s location was a giant surprise and I did spend a few months swirling a bit about what to do next. I have decided that I want to go forward and go primarily for top-level roles in my field (I am in marketing so the top level would be a Chief Marketing Officer). I have been saying that my compelling reason is that I have done all of the work to get to that level, I have been operating at an executive level over the past few years and I want to lead a marketing team and make the team and the company a success while having fun. I know that a compelling reason is different for each person but does that rational fit the framework for what a compelling reason should be?