Compelling Reason – got it!

I was about to eat the ice cream in the freezer and I figured out what my compelling reason is. I looked down at my belly (where I carry most if it) and said “I want to be around for my kids.” I just had a baby 5 months ago and I have a 2 and 7 year old. I have a predisposition to diabetes because I had gestational diabetes with all 3. When I heard “I want to be around for my kids”, I had this aha plus sad feeling because I knew overeating and I are now getting a divorce. How could I possibly reason against being around for my kids. I’m letting myself feel the sad because I know that’s something I need to learn how to feel and also because I know it’s so temporary. I am going to feel amazing at my goal weight! I have read ALL THE BOOKS out there (including every geneen roth book a few times over) and nothing has clicked like what you have taught me. So blessed!
P.S. I threw out the ice cream :). No more drugs in the house!