Compelling reason is not strong enough?

I have many compelling reasons to not overeat. None of them “work” when I have a craving or I have the “fuck it” thought.
I seem to have the awareness that I am overeating DESPITE my compelling reason. Is this just me not tolerating discomfort?
C: craving (pretty sure this is neutral since someone could look at my dopamine going up)
T: F it.
F: desire
A: eat
R: I’ve f’ed my plan.

C: craving
T: I am de-conditioning desire for this stuff even if it feels hard.
F: Desire, but tolerate it and feel uncomfortable
A: don’t eat
F: start the de-conditioning process

The second model looks ok on paper? BUT I don’t follow it. I am not willing to feel uncomfortable in the moment which gets me the result of long-term feeling uncomfortable.
Any thoughts?