Compelling reason question

Hi Brooke,

So I went back to the compelling reason in January. I’m currently setting a goal for myself to make 7-10K in my business in September. I know my reasons for WANTING to do it and think they’re extremely strong. However, I thought that the last time I wrote my compelling reason back in January and I did NOT see that one to fruition.

In the podcast booklet you ask what will happen if I don’t complete my goal. I have so much trouble with this. (<— or at least I’m telling myself that!) I have a history of setting goals, getting distracted or going in a new direction and not completing them. As determined as I currently believe I am to see this current goal through, I’ve never been ridiculously mad or disappointed in myself or shamed myself for not seeing a goal to fruition. Not that I want to shame myself if I don’t get this done, but how do you come up with good reasons for the question “what will happen if I don’t see this through?”

Thank you!!!