I’m really all tied up in knots about something happening at work. I work in sales, and have spent four years building my territory. I’ve always done ‘okay’ but not amazing. Well this year, my territory is blowing UP. Like, I’m now ranked 5th in the country in a very competitive industry. Commissions are usually uncapped, which means top reps have potential to make $500K+. Well, because of coronavirus, they’ve implemented basically a flat commission structure. So, I barely make any more money than people ranked tenth, for example. I’m freaking out with emotions on the inside. I feel fluttery anxiety and nervousness and upset and frustrated and sick all that the same time.

Now I’m messing with my sales to try and push them into our next fiscal year, which starts October 1. I feel knots in my stomach and stuff about it, and I’d really like to find some peace.

The dominant thoughts causing this are: “I’m getting completely screwed” and “I can’t believe this is happening” I think “I’m getting completely screwed” is the main one. I’m mostly just trying to ignore it, but while my coworkers are hanging out on the lake getting paid to do nothing, I am actually serving my super busy accounts and not getting paid more for it. It’s extremely discouraging. I also feel like I have to lie to my boss about some of the ways I’m messing with my sales to push them into October, and it’s really weighing on me.

Unintentional Model
C New compensation plan results in me losing at least $50,000
T “I’m getting completely screwed”
F Nervous frustration, sick to stomach
A Ruminate, complain
R ?

New Model
C New compensation plan results in me losing at least $50,000
T (I cannot think of a positive thought about this situation that I actually believe)
F Motivated
A Take time off without guilt, build my coaching business on the side, serve my customers while working as little as possible
R Successful coaching practice and quitting job

One more

Unintentional Model
C New compensation plan results in me losing at least $50,000
T I have to lie to my boss about moving sales into 2021
F Anxious
A I dunno, just continue going about my life with increased anxiety?

New Model – I really don’t know. I don’t have any better thoughts about this situation that I believe! I know I don’t want to feel this intense anxiety. I’d like to believe that everything happens for a reason, or that I am financially abundant, or that this is a good time to just provide great service to my customers. But I don’t! I’m just pissed every single day at how awesome I’m doing and how much money I’m missing out on, and I’m constantly feeling sick in the pit of my stomach.