Hi Brooke,
I watched your money modules a while ago so forgive me if I’m not totally correct in my understanding. One of the points you made really resonated with me. Which was along the line of being compensated for creating value. Another concept I liked was “over-deliver”. In fact I have that on a post-it on my computer. I feel I do both – create value and over-produce. And the people around me notice. I recently took on an interim management position. Last week I was reviewing salaries of the staff in my department as they are all getting non-merit based raises. In this hospital, merit is not considered for staff; only for management. It was disheartening to see that many of the staff that report to me are making more than I am, up to 15% more. I have 24/7 accountability to my department (I am a clinical manager of a nursing department in a hospital) and ultimate responsibility for anything that happens. Further, many of the individuals that are above me salary-wise will drop even the smallest problem in my lap to solve. I love what I am doing and I’m usually not that hung up on salary and am struggling with this. I did talk to it with the HR compensation specialist and briefly with my boss and they both said some version of “ya, that sucks”.
I know one of the answers is to ask for more $$ which I can’t until/unless my position becomes permanent. Even so, the salary structure may not allow for such an increase (I got about 5% for taking on this role). So here’s my model.

C-Many staff make more $ than me
T-That is unfair
F-Angry or disenchanted
A-Demand more of the staff at this level (as per their level)
R-They make more $

C-Many staff make more $ than me
T-That is the current salary structure and possibly temporary
A-Engender more leadership and accountability
R-They produce at a level consistent with their compensation and I don’t have to put out as many fires

in the meantime, it will take time to get to my new R and is something I’m already working on. So, I need to work on F. some ideas for F were: at peace, acceptance, etc. but so far none have resonated.