Competing with friends

So, I have a parent friend that I really enjoy. She is the mother of my preschooler’s best buddy. They’re both applying to the same kindergartens. I have been to every event at said kindergartens, have done a ton of research and feel like I have put my time in. She will wait until the last minute to make any plans, and then show up at an event that I told her about. I find myself thinking that I deserve to get into these schools because of all the time and work I have put in, and that I will feel resentful if her son gets in and mine doesn’t based on the time and work I have put into the process. I am making myself crazy about this. Unintentional model: Parent friend follows my advice on kindergartens. T: She’s benefitting from my work without putting in work herself. F: Resentful. A: Silently resentful R: Spend time spinning with thoughts about the injustice of it all, anticipating a rejection from the school. Intentional model: C: Parent friend follows my advice on kindergartens. T: I love being a helpful friend. F: Abundant A: Share information freely R: Feel good about my own actions, regardless of the school’s decision. I really hate that I’m having these thoughts and feelings about this person whose friendship I value and treasure. Also, I realize that it is my choice to share any research and information with her. So, I’m basically offering her information and then resenting her when she uses it. What is wrong with me!??