Competitive coach

I signed up for a coach’s webinar who coaches in my niche. I wanted to see what his webinar is all about and what he’s offering. I’ve been having a whole ton of self doubt about my business and looking at other coaches who are successful in my niche makes me think that it’s possible, if only I market myself differently and make my niche a bit more specific.

He sent out an attachment that has all the people who signed up for his webinar for “networking” purposes. Every time he has sent it out there are like, 50 more people on it!! I’m just like, oh my god… I want that! But I feel SO constricted and such a sense of FOMO when it comes to my business. I then start thinking of all the ways I can’t do what he did, AND all the ways I can do it better, basically at the same time. I’m on a super roller coaster that results in inaction.

C: Email list has names of webinar registrants
T: He does all his stuff on LinkedIn and I don’t want to do that
F: Constricted
A: No action, tell myself that it’s not possible
R: I find reasons my goal isn’t possible

C: Email list has names of webinar registrants
T: If he does everything on LinkedIn I’ll kill it on Facebook and TikTok
F: Eager
A: I think a lot about it, start to feel inspired, but inspiration is NOT motivation! So I take no action.
R: I do nothing, but reinstill hope that one day I *could* do it

C: Email list has names of webinar registrants
T: It probably took him forever to get the following he has on LinkedIn and I don’t wanna do that
F: Constricted
A: I do nothing. I see obstacles.
R: I don’t make a following at all

C: Email list has names of webinar registrants
T: Look at all the people he won’t be able to help that I will be able to!
F: Inspired, motivated, service
A: I feel motivated to take action and don’t, I guess because I tell myself I’ll do it later after I quit my soul sucking time consuming job
R: I reinforce the belief that my market exists

This is exhausting, totally draining all my energy. I’m so tired of this back and forth and need some help to get some stability so I can start taking actual action!!