Competitor seemingly wants us out of business.

We have a small family business. A nearby competitor does not want us in business. We have heard (over and over AND over) all the things he has said and done to hurt us. I can’t prove some of it true, (so it’s not a circumstance), but I can prove that he has blocked us from getting certain vendor accounts, thereby shutting down those avenues. He is a bully and honestly no one likes him, but they are afraid of him. They do what he says because they think he can hurt their business. I keep my eye on the ball and I don’t waste energy thinking about him. I truly believe that what we put out into the world comes back to us. I’m so happy to have my outlook and not his. However, he has amped up his antics. How do I handle this? I don’t want to give it any attention/energy and I really haven’t, but enough is enough. I know I can’t control him, I know I don’t care what he thinks, I know I can only control myself, but it needs to stop. Why do I think that, because I think it’s affecting our business. I don’t get how I can model this because I don’t want to think differently, I want it to stop. 🙂