Complacency at work

I am a fitness instructor and I have been finding that my clients are annoying me. Or that I have big manuals for my classes. I have found that if only one person comes to class I am disheartened and really don’t want to to teach them. I also had a client come to class today and tell me “I have actively been avoiding you because your class I have heard is too hard”. She has never taken my class before. We spent 5 minutes discussing whether she was going to take class or not. Instead of looking at her with compassion, and helping her see that it’s just her fear in the way, I was annoyed and had the thought “what kind of person tells someone something like that”.

C Client says words to me
T She should not say my class is too hard to me
F Annoyed
A Judge her, want her to leave, think she is rude, hope she decides to leave, have negative thoughts about her, shut off curiosity to her, shut off compassion towards her, lose my purpose which is to help people grow
R I make it “too hard” for me to teach her well

C Client says words to me
T She just needs me to be supportive while she processes her own emotions
F Compassion
A ask her how I can help, be supportive, encourage her, try to connect to the part of her I can relate to,
R I live into my purpose as a coach and help her evolve to the next level

Thoughts? I would like to create more passion for my job when it comes to situations like these. Xo