Complete and good enough vs. self-improvement

Can you help me reconcile those two notions?

In doing the Week 1 work, I realized that I do not think I am already complete and good enough. I believe I need to work on myself and on becoming the best version of myself. I feel that if I let myself be just the way I am naturally inclined to be, I will act and behave in ways that others (specifically my husband) will judge as selfish, self-centered, not fun, inflexible, or petty.

So. That’s a pleasant thing to think.

I guess I have to gain clarity between self-improvement for my own sake (= who I want to be) and self-improvement in the hope of being more lovable.

Is it the same as with weight loss, you have to be ok with your current body before you can successfully lose the weight?
Likewise I have to be A-OK with myself just as I am before I can successfully work on self-improvement?

Thank you for your insights!