Completing the past

The bud needs to complete before it becomes flower or fruit. 21 May 2003, i observed my own funeral all 24 hours long. Songs i sang and reflected on. The viewing; people who stayed with my body over night; not a detail was missed. All the different groups of people and all of their varying reactions. Not a detail was missed. i ended smirking. Here is the thought that i held onto after such an adventure = “When i am actually dead, whose funeral would they be attending? Most definitely not mine. All of them would be attending their very own funeral. I do affirm the sanctity of life. i am not one who would be giving others occasion to attend a funeral. Not my own, not for others. And for sure, they no longer have the opportunity to attend mine. It is long past.

10 August 2020, i completed my past. 27 January 1975, i became Born Again Christian = a new creature. Old things passed away. All things become new. God Mercies are new every morning. They are new today. As my day, so shall my strength be. Thank you SCS for helping me to live the R line of my life. New is new. My new future self not yet met is well equipped to face each new day, each new me with strength for the day. We have never been this way before because we were never meant to have been this way before. Future me has set out on its path of discovery and achievements. There is always life.