Compliance with the nutritional program

Hello Brooke,
I am a new scholar and really excited to learn from you. I am a holistic nutritionist and a doctor of Natural Medicine. I see patients every 20 min. This is after 1 hour of intake. My program involves with diet changes. Most commonly, eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten or dairy products. For the follow-up sessions of 20 min session, usually once a month, I check their improvement and modify the program. The biggest challenge is in compliance with the diet. Even when they see the improvement, often, huge improvement with the diet program, patients don’t seem to stick with the program. Another challenge for me to support my patients is the time limit. I only have 20 min to discuss their current condition, follow up on the program, modifying and then encourage them to stay on the diet. The first three are not a big problem. It is the diet.

What would be the best way to encourage my patients to stay on the diet in such a short time I have with them?

Thanks for your awesome work!