Complicating things as buffering


I think that I may be complicating my life as a form of buffering. I started SCS because I wanted to lose weight. I listened to your stop overeating class under assets, and developed a protocol. In the first 10 days, I lost weight and felt great. Then, I decided to take on…starting a new business, staging my current house in order to sell it, renovating my old home halfway across the country, and moving my family. Needless to say, I stopped following my protocol (IF with bulletproof coffee & two salads (4 oz protein & 8 oz veggies at 12 & 6). This last week, I’ve eaten whatever because I am so busy organizing teams of people and my energy is low. This is the old pattern… I started to ask you to help me model my thoughts about the move for the 3rd time…then, it hit me. This is all distracting me because the work around weight loss got hard, boring, and scary. I am bored with two salads. I am scared that I will fail and what that might mean. I’m 48 and I weigh 172. That is the circumstance. I think that makes me a boring, middle aged, overweight housewife. I am FAR from being boring…I am funny, adventurous, and loved. I want to impress you with how I’m evolving but it would only be to make sure you liked me, and right now…..what I honestly need is to manage my thoughts. It’s more important to me than what you think of me and whether or not I sell my house, start a business, and move across country. Am I making sense or further distracting myself with thinking? I am SO VERY grateful to you and the team at SCS…I am in the arena.