Computer for college-bound student

I just bought the computer my kid wanted for college. The computer is absolutely necessary. We had a lot of choices. She is thrilled.

C: new laptop for college
T: I spent too much money and bought the wrong computer and wasted money we saved for college because I could have spent less money on a lower model
F: unsure of my decision
A: second guess myself that I made the wrong choice due to $$, model of computer.
R: I can’t quit thinking about the wrong computer purchase that I think I made

C: computer for college
T: I bought the exact laptop that she needed and I used money we saved for college
F: awesome and excited
A: confident in the purchase
R: a clear mind and enjoyment of the purchase

I repeat this thought cycle if I think I wore the wrong outfit to a gathering or event, get a mani/pedi which is an expense that is a want not a need, etc. The thought is I made the wrong decision, I wore the wrong outfit, I shouldn’t have spent this money on a want, etc. And I can’t quit thinking about it. I feel bad that I’m not dressed right, or that spent money on a want, etc. Any suggestions Brooke? Thank you.