Confidence and Self-Confidence – work development

Hi wonderful LCS coaches! I am going through my IDP (individual development plan) process with my work, and one piece of feedback which has come up is that I need more confidence in my commercial plans and the way I communicate these to the business. I work in marketing, so there are many many things I am confident in doing in the job, but the commercial side does freak me out. As Brooke teaches it, confidence is specific to a practiced skill or talent and Self-confidence is about a)trusting yourself b) allowing any emotion and c)your opinion of yourself. I am trying to apply this work to how I can gain more confidence, but as it is only one of many areas of my job (media planning, presenting ā€“ which I have high levels of confidence in both) Iā€™m not sure if I need to work on just thinking thoughts about self confidence generally, or work on developing confidence in a specific skill set? Should I work on one or the other in this situation?