What is the best way to gain confidence for situations like the following. My friend’s child was over for a play date and when my friend came to pick him up they were playing video games. She was surprised and disappointed that I had let the kids play video games instead of more creative play (I realize that what she thinks is her business but maybe I want her approval?). I felt embarrassed because I thought maybe I had made a wrong choice to let them play video games. I took some time to decide if I was ok with how they had played and I decided I was but I still felt embarrassed. I want to respect my friend’s ideas and I felt like I had let her down. I would like to have confidence in my decisions. I wonder if I were more confident if I wouldn’t worry about what she is thinking about me. I feel pretty confident around most people but there are one or two people who I sometimes feel I am not good enough around. I could think, Of course I can make good decisions! and then I would feel more confident but that isn’t feeling right yet. Thanks for your thoughts!