Confirmation bias (VG)

Hi Brooke, thank you for your help on the following
I had eating disorders and Im a psychologist and life coach. My niche is overeating and eating disorders and as my business grows so does my fear. People tell me that I help them and I do see the progress and love it but at the same time I still have a very disempowering belief system running in the back of my mind. I have thoughts like “maybe Im not recovered enough, maybe my food should be cleaner, maybe I am not a good role model, maybe they think Im not eating healthy enough. I can see that Im living from my past, from the time when I underwent group treatments when herapists questioned whether we were being honest. Two days ago I had a panic attack and almost decided I could not go on advancing with my business and would change my niche to “safer” stuff like parenting or relationships. This happens on a off and I generally get to manage my mind, only this time was really strong and got me asking for reassurance to a nutritionist, a therapist and sister…But external reassurance doesnt last. I know that helping people out of ED emotional suffering is my purpose of life. As Im writing this I realize that I still suffer from not releasing that past identity ¿How can I believe harder in myself?