Conflict with Husband

This morning I had an argument with my husband in front of the kids and showed up in a way I am not proud of. My first model will be on my own behavior.

C Husband tells my 10 year and 11 year old boys that abortion is murder
T How dare he say something like that to my kids
F Outraged
A Tell him how much I hate the church in front of our kids, insert that is not murder, judge him for saying that, make it mean that he thinks my sisters who have had abortions are going to hell, leave the room
R I create outrageous behavior by not managing or processing any of my emotions

T Its not his fault that he was taught to believe that
F Compassion
A Pull him aside and let him know that is not the belief system I want our boys to have growing up
R I create Compassion and can therefore create resolution

I was hoping for some more insight here. It made me feel really defensive and I was definitely judging him about it. Like gross, how can I be married to you?