Conflict with Model

Hi Brooke and team, can you help me work through a model I’m having trouble getting a handle on?
This is regarding a problem, no I should say a circumstance, at work that I got dragged into and am making a problem with my thoughts:

C: boss prevented co-worker from getting a requested client
T: It’s terribly unfair to my coworker that my boss made that decision
F: sad (for co-worker)
A: eventually discuss with co-worker (who was made aware of the situation)
R: question myself and obsess over whether or not I should have divulged the client’s contact info to co-worker

C: boss prevented co-worker from getting a requested client
T: I hate that my boss made me refer client to someone else
F: really annoyed
A: say nothing until co-worker finds out about it, not wanting to make waves at work, then discuss the situation as calmly as possible
and pass along client’s contact info (the business already lost the client because she would not book with anyone else, she only wanted this particular co-worker)
R: total confliction here because I’m glad co-worker has an opportunity to get this client but indulging in a bit of regret and worry boss will
find out and get angry with me.
(side note: total awareness of my self-indulgence in and of itself is helping).
Really working on this one here:
Intentional Model:
C: boss prevented co-worker from getting a requested client
T: she’s the boss and gets to make whatever decisions she wants regardless of my thoughts on the matter
F: acceptance
A: discuss with co-worker when she is made aware of the situation. Knowing client had no intention of booking with anyone else,
I discreetly passed along her contact info to my co-worker with the understanding that she would be discreet
Not sure about the result here. Given the circumstances (too long to go into) I felt I did the right thing and was glad my co-worker had a chance to rectify the situation without involving me should my boss somehow find out. I was also indulging in misplaced guilt, feeling bad that I couldn’t openly honor the client’s request, something that was out of my control. Also glad to find some awareness there!
Thanks for helping me clear this up in my head. Instead of mentally exhausting myself like I used to do, I’m working through my thoughts and trusting the process:)