conflict with the scale

For many months I have been working hard (i.e following my protocol, sometimes with little tweaks) and budging me plateau to go down. I have actually had success over the past 6 months, although the scale seems to teeter low and high, the overall trend is lower about 3-5 pounds.

I weigh myself daily and have gotten pretty good and not getting too excited if the number is a bit higher on any given day, because given the day to day variability, I know it’s the trends that count. That being said, if I have a weekend where I have had few planned exceptions, I fully expect the scale to be up a few pounds after wards, typically taking a week to get back to baseline.

Today the scale was up again after a few days of downtrend since the weekend. Today I feel that I threw a mental tantrum with some old thoughts creeping in–“this is taking too long”, “why does this have to be hard”, other people get to eat whatever they want. The other part of my brain knows: this was never going to be fast….it’s actually not hard–just making a plan and sticking with it. Other people can make the choices they want, and quite frankly, not the best ones so why do I want to do what they are doing.

I have not veered from my plan today, but the odd though of sabotage crossed my mind today. For example–“I”ll just eat at noon with my friend, even though I planned a 4 hour eating window to start at 3pm.”

Can you assist with ways to coach ourselves through the up and down of the scale? I am pretty patient most of the time, but for some reason today it’s really bothering me. Thank you!