Conflicted about Joy eat. CP

Hi Brooke,
This is my first month with SCS, and what an awesome month is has been already! My sentence this month is, “I am an example of what is possible; I no longer desire flour and sugar.” I’ve been eating NF/NS for 16 days and I have lost 7 pounds. I have 5 to go to hit my goal. During the last 16 days I have not had a joy eat. I’m conflicted. If my sentence for the month is, I no longer desire flour and sugar, and I am saying out loud to my family and my self, “I am no longer a flour and sugar eater” wouldn’t a joy eat be contradictory, not truthful? If I was to say I am no longer a drinker then how can I “joy” drink one glass (even if it’s once a month) and say ” I don’t drink”? What’s the best approach, cold turkey, no sugar ever again, or plan the joy eat, so that when it’s a Holiday or a special occasion I can eat a treat (if I choose) without being untruthful to myself. I want to one day really not desire it at all, and I can tell this thought work is helping me to really get there!