Conflicted because I’m feeling 50-50 and part of me says I should be 100% miserable

Hello coaches,

I’m feeling some inner conflict because even as I face tough choices with my business, I’m also (dare I say) doing really well and kinda (it feels horrible to write this) enjoying life.

We’re doing layoffs today and I feel like I should feel terrible hour after hour it but in reality, I feel sadness (it comes and goes) but also I feel very strong, powerful calm confidence this is the best course of action in the short term, that we will come back in one form or another and that we’ll be able to offer employment once again to this group of fabulous people.

Today, there are some tough decisions but there’s also family time, crafting time and workout time. I’m grateful for being able to make time for these priorities. I’m grateful for reduced work responsibilities. Everything is very focused and I’m energized by that.

Is this a time to do models or a time to simply “be” in the 50-50. Not feel guilty that it is 50-50, and not 100% bad feelings all the time. Acknowledge that there’s room to enjoy the other half.