Conflicted between making my food boring and cooking for my family to lose the last 15lb.

I listened to the finally take control of your weight class with Brooke this week and had a realization.

As Brooke recommends, I want to make my food boring and my life interesting, eating only 2 meals a day. I want to do this to lose the weight, simplify my life and have fewer decisions to make.

The problem is I cook for my family. I have 2 fussy kids that survive primarily on carbs and dairy and I cook for my husband.

If I cooked in the way I want to eat there wouldn’t be enough for my husband as he’s a big overeater. I also feel like the variety wouldn’t be enough. So I feel like I have to cook all these different meals for my kids, my husband and for me.

I feel like food is the bain of my life (I know this is a thought). I don’t want to be thinking about it all the time but because I provide all the meals for my family it’s like I can’t escape it and I have to cook different things to suit everyone’s requirements which totally goes against my desire to simplify my cooking process so I can focus on building my coaching practice.

My children are 4 and 16 months so not of an age they can take care of themselves. Also my 4 year old refuses to eat anything we eat and will have a complete meltdown if I tried to feed him what we eat.

My husband works long hours and doesn’t cook any dinners. This year I stopped making his lunch for work, but I feel like I have to make fancy dinners for him with lots of different variety and enough quantity to keep him full.

Am I just trying to people please him by cooking to suit his needs? Do I just start cooking in the way I want and make that his problem if it’s not enough variety or carbs?

I really want to do this work to lose the last 15lb and spend less time thinking about food and in the kitchen.