Conflicting practice

I’m wondering how to have forward momentum with believing a new belief in one area of my life when other areas are in conflict with it. I imagine this is life, and it happens all the time, so I’m curious what your recommendations are. My scenario is this: I’m practicing the belief that I can create anything I want, and I will create a hugely successful coaching business (I’m nearing completion of the CCP). On the other hand, all throughout the program I’ve been dealing with infertility (which was a complete shock to me. I’d had the belief that getting pregnant would be easy). I just found out last week that our 3rd IVF failed, and I have only a 1-2% chance of having a baby. I think I’m doing a pretty good job of processing the sadness and also choosing not to give up. Regardless, it feels so out of sync to be practicing the belief that I can create anything I want (from a business standpoint) and then trying to accept what ‘is’ with my fertility (and that I don’t have full control to create the outcome). I know this is the way life is, and could definitely use guidance. Thanks 🙂