Conflicting weight loss/protocol purposes

Hello coaches!
I am losing my last 5 pounds and have greatly deepened my interest in both nutrition and recovering from intense CrossFit workouts. I workout 5 times a week with the goal of building muscle. I aim to get 100 grams of protein daily to help with recovery, so was eating a lot of chicken and fish along with low carb vegetables and berries (no sugar, no flour — protocol is ON POINT!). My body responded well in terms of post-workout recovery. I was listening to a fitness podcast, which talked about the science behind pre-workout carbs to maximally fuel a workout, and post-workout carbs to aid in recovery. I like to experiment and added whole-food carbs around my workouts and really like the results. Then I watched the documentary The Game Changers about how getting animal protein for athletes is pretty inflammatory, and plant-based protein actually increases performance and recovery with no inflammatory response like meat. So, this week I changed to plant-based protein – which has a lot more carbs. My workout recovery is improved, but my hunger is all over the place – I think because of the carbs. I’m still no sugar, no flour — it’s a lot of beans, legumes, vegan protein powder, oatmeal. I”m hitting my 100 grams of protein. I eat until I’m a 3, but some days am hungry/hangry at the end of the day – whereas on meat I used to stop eating at 4pm and be fine, and I haven’t been hangry in years until now with the increase in carbs. So I guess I have 2 conflicting purposes – I want to not be hungry all the time (which the meat protocol did for me), but I also want to recover well from my workouts and NOT cause inflammation (which the plant-based protocol did for me). I also want to lose these last 5 pounds, and the carbs retaining water puts on 2 extra pounds on my body. So I don’t know which belief to let go of — I really worked hard on believing that I can lose the last 5 pounds and I was on my way with the meat protocol. Then I decided on the plant protocol, but I”m not happy with being as hungry and the water bloat – but I also don’t want the meat inflammation. Either option I choose seems like I’m unhappy with the result – inflammation vs. hunger and water weight gain. Could you provide some insight, please? Thank you!