Conflicts in Volunteer Groups #3

“What do you want to think about your volunteer work that will help you be FOR you, rather than against you?”

I want to think that I can manage my volunteer time and treat others kindly by giving them the benefit of the doubt. I also want to give myself permission to say no, and practice empowering others to contribute by inviting them and empowering them to take ownership of their role in the organization.

“What if others can disapprove of how you do things and you can still move forward and accomplish what you most want here? ”

I think this is probably the only way forward. I will definitely do things differently. I have a lot of skills and training to help this group move forward and people will have thoughts and feelings about that. I can’t be invisible and do things in a group. I can practice self-love and acceptance of myself and others doing things imperfectly together and independently. I can forgive myself and others.

“What would that look like for you?”

I would schedule my time and work on the things I feel like doing for the organization(s). I can communicate kindly and generously. I can make an agreement with myself not to take on other people’s problems or negativity. I can allow them to have their thoughts and feelings. I can choose to stay in the group, and I can choose to stop volunteering whenever I want, just because I want to.

C: Volunteer roles in groups
T: I can take responsibility for only the roles I choose
F: Relief
A: Do my work and let others do theirs, stop perpetuating drama, listen effectively, say no when appropriate, support others in their roles
R: I stay in my own business

Thank you, super helpful coaching on this last one.