Confrontational phone call

Hi Brooke,
I have to make a call to my employer to deny them health information that they want but are not entitled to. I’ve been dreading it and repeating in my mind that it’s going to be confrontational and how much I hate confrontation. Obviously, this way of thinking has lead to anxiety, fear and procrastination. I’ve been reminding myself that for there to be confrontation, there must be at least two parties involved, and I don’t have to approach it that way. Can you please have a look over some of the thoughts I’m trying out?

She can react however she wants to and I will respond calmly and confidently.
It’s possible to say no to someone.
I am able to say no to someone.
It’s okay that I’m feeling uncomfortable. This is an excellent opportunity for growth.
I can approach and end this call with love for us both, even if we disagee.
I love myself and have my own back always.

Gotta say, that last one kicks anxiety’s ass haha! Any extra thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Kim