I’m having a hard time right now figuring out my thoughts. I had an issue come up about trademarking which I sent in a separate form about that in the business section.

But I have this terrible knot in my stomach that I can’t get rid of.

A person friended me, sent me as message to stop using a phrase, then un friended me. I feel we were both very nice about it. I told her I would get back to her.

I wanted to do research and figure out what felt right for me. I went back to message her and now I can’t since she blocked me.

Two things came up

C: Person doesn’t want me using a phrase that is part of her brand and is in the process of trademarking it
T: Here I go again taking forever to try and come up with another name
F: bummed out
A: searching trademark office to see if it is being trademarked
R: it’s not but I’m unsure what to do

C: person doesn’t want me using a phrase that is part of her brand
T: I will talk to her about it since it’s not being trademarked
F: unsettled
A: reached out but she has blocked me
R: unsure what to do

I think I will be in a state of confusion. I want to do what’s right. But is what’s right giving up because someone tells me to and be a pushover. Or do I keep it and keep going because I feel aligned with it.